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Digital show


Illusionist Luc Langevin's virtual show "Interconnected" is a new form of magic that is online and interactive. By personally interacting live with Luc, the audience gets to decide what will transform, teleport or appear during this 75-minute performance shot inside Luc's warehouse of illusions… a location that has never been open to the public until now. 
Throughout the show spectators will experience unique, modern and innovative numbers during which magic creeps into their email inbox, their hands… and even their homes!
Spectators can participate alone, as a couple, with their family or with friends, right from the comfort of their homes using our digital platform specially designed for this experience. 



Each performance takes place live and is therefore unique. Spectators are an integral part of the show. One ticket purchase equals one unique viewing link. It is impossible to share this link; it will only play on one device. You only need to purchase one ticket per device (several people can watch the show on the same device).

Premium ticket holders
23 participants (and the other residents of their household) will have the privilege of personally interacting with Luc during the show and will appear onscreen for the entire performance ($CA68 plus tax). They must connect to the show 30 minutes in advance.

Regular ticket holders
Regular spectators will watch the show live and participate in group magic tricks without appearing onscreen ($CA25 plus tax).

The show is also available for businesses. Learn more about our corporate offer.



For all spectators (premium and regular)

We recommend watching the show on your computer or tablet. Regular ticket holders can also do so on their TV or video games console. Using a screen that is too small (like that of a cellphone, for example) will not make for an optimal experience. Also, a good internet connection is required.

We invite you to have a deck of cards on hand : you will have the opportunity to use it during a group magic trick.

Premium spectators only : Install the Zoom software on your device before the show. You must keep your camera on at all times, as Luc will ask you questions during the show. You will be visible by all other spectators.

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