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Luc Langevin was born in Quebec, Canada in 1983. From a very early age, curiosity and a desire to understand have pushed Luc Langevin to dive into the world of magic and illusion. In parallel, Luc has nurtured a great passion for science, especially physics.When Luc was just finishing a Master's degree in optics and was starting a PhD in biophotonics, the Téléfiction production company discovered the young illusionist's potential during a casting call and offered him his first TV series.  That's how in May, 2009, Comme par magie was broadcast for the first time on ARTV, allowing Luc to merge his talent for illusions with his scientific background. Luc presented over 400 illusions to strangers on the street or in public places. His career was launched!

In 2010, Radio-Canada and ARTV presented the first of a series of shows, called Spéciale artistes, where Luc created illusions tailor-made to special guest stars. These shows reached over one million viewers, which was 30% of Québec's broadcast market share. One of the episodes of Spéciales artistes, Aux limites de l'illusion 2, received the 2013 Prix Gémeaux for Best Variety or Scenic Arts Special. Other concepts of TV series were later broadcast. To this day, Téléfiction has produced with Luc Langevin over 30 hours of original television content. These series are still airing and offered on different broadcast platforms.

Encouraged by the success of his TV experiences, in August, 2013 Luc Langevin produced, with his agent and producer Claude Veillet, his first stage show, called Réellement sur scène. It was an immense success, with 200 performances in front of over 150,000 spectators, and was critically acclaimed and programmed until the end of 2015.

During the stage show, Luc invited the audience inside his universe of math, physics and optics where intelligence and boldness merged. Critics praised the show's originality, which presented a new generation of magic, far from glitter, rabbits and assistants cut in half. Luc Langevin's magic travelled between science, dreams and illusion in a laboratory inspired by Jules Verne where he never claimed to have magic powers or special gifts.

Used to interacting with the audience, Luc Langevin appealed to spectators several times and in different ways during his show. He also performed tricks full of music and plays of light.

From February 10 to 28, 2016, the illusionist presented his show for the first time at the Casino de Paris, in France. Critics were unanimous: LANGEVIN - Créateur d'illusions was a success.

Luc Langevin has also gotten involved in several social and community causes: in 2012, in addition to receiving the Raymond-Blais medal, he was the spokesperson for the 75th anniversary of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Laval University. He was also the spokesperson for the 2013 Michel Cailloux International Magic Contest, which was held during the Festival de magie de Québec. Since 2013, the illusionist has been the national spokesperson for Expo-sciences as well as a spokesperson for the Fondation sur les Leucodystrophies, concerning childhood degenerative diseases.

Today, Luc Langevin has become the new bench mark for illusionists, standing out through his charm, his natural talent as a communicator, his creativity and the precision of his magic. Few illusionists throughout the world have achieved this level of credibility and notoriety in such a short time.



At school, Luc Langevin was often more preoccupied with why and how things worked than with his teachers' topics themselves. However, his grades in math and science were well above average. It seems those topics were the only ones that piqued the curiosity of the young Langevin.

In college, he finally decided to start studying the field in which he was the most gifted: physics. Luc didn't do it in order to eventually get a degree and a well-paid job, but rather to help him understand the laws governing the Universe. Physics being the mother of all science, it allows for the most fundamental comprehension of things.

Despite his excellent school grades and increased understanding of physics, Luc faced a harsh reality: science unfortunately has its limits. Contrary to what he had always thought, scientists are often duped by their own perceptions and incapable of completely describing the laws of physics governing our world. To understand science, one must grasp what keeps us from seeing what's really there.

His fascination for things he doesn't understand is nothing new. From the earliest age, he had a passion for all conjurors, illusionists and fortune tellers who, apparently, could easily break the laws of nature through magic. Knowing instinctively that that wasn't possible, Luc Langevin was determined to unravel the secrets behind magic tricks in order to satiate his mind, eager for understanding. Without knowing exactly why, he also had a passion for the idea that one can give the impression that an extraordinary event is happening even though it's not. 

Behind every great illusion is an ingenious method protected by a secret that only a tedious quest for understanding can decipher. Knowing this was enough to pique young Langevin's curiosity and get him to practice this mysterious art. In his free time, he trained his hands to be faster than the eye can see, to hide small secret movements by big ones, and to draw attention where necessary... all in the name of creating the perfect subterfuge.

Luc knew that if he really wanted to understand the Universe around him, he had to use his knowledge of science and magic. So he decided to thoroughly study, through a logical and scientific method, every way of creating illusions, deceiving the eye, altering appearances and hiding the truth. All this was done in order to comprehend what leads scientists to follow false leads.

Even now as an adult, Luc is always trying to understand… While he holds a license in Engineering Physics and a Master's degree in optics from Laval University in Quebec City, he's not working as a physicist. By far, he prefers studying and practicing everything related to conjuring, illusionism, mentalism, clairvoyance and divination so that his scientific reasoning will never be fooled by false hypotheses... that the illusions of life could cause.

Although he's constantly immersed in the complex and often misleading realms of science and illusion, Luc remains an authentic person who approaches people with charisma and empathy. He's a real showman while staying true to and genuine with those around him. That's why those who suspect that every trick executed by the illusionist is the result of in-depth research and thought are very rare. A multifaceted illusionist, Luc Langevin's micromagic performances are as equally amazing as his large-scale illusions. He may mystify his audiences but he never fools them by pretending to have a supernatural gift. 

"If your biggest dreams seem unattainable, believe me: it's only an illusion"

 - Luc Langevin

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